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This starts the newest version of my site, this time with a brand new domain! I bought this one because the old one was based on my deadname, and I wanted a domain that I could take with me. As a bonus, .xyz domains are blocked by my university, so I had an additional reason to change.

Now I’m here with a fancy .com domain for at least the next two years. On this blog especially I’m going to be writing about my experiences in the queer tech community, specifically as a software developer and sysadmin.

Articles from my webring

Open source means surrendering your monopoly over commercial exploitation

Participation in open source requires you to surrender your monopoly over commercial exploitation. This is a profound point about free and open source software which seems to be causing a lot of companies to struggle with their understanding of the philosoph…

via Drew DeVault's blog January 20, 2021

Status update, January 2021

Hi all! This month again, my main focus has been wlroots. I’ve focused on the internal renderer refactoring (the so-called “renderer v6"). A lot of the work has now been completed, and all backends now use the new interfaces under-the-hood. With the help …

via emersion January 18, 2021

mdBook security advisory

This is a cross-post of the official security advisory. The official post contains a signed version with our PGP key, as well. The Rust Security Response Working Group was recently notified of a security issue affecting the search feature of mdBook, which co…

via Rust Blog January 4, 2021

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