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This starts the newest version of my site, this time with a brand new domain! I bought this one because the old one was based on my deadname, and I wanted a domain that I could take with me. As a bonus, .xyz domains are blocked by my university, so I had an additional reason to change.

Now I’m here with a fancy .com domain for at least the next two years. On this blog especially I’m going to be writing about my experiences in the queer tech community, specifically as a software developer and sysadmin.

Articles from my webring

How to write release notes

Release notes are a concept most of us are familiar with. When a new software release is prepared, the release notes tell you what changed, so you understand what you can expect and how to prepare for the update. They are also occasionally used to facilitate…

via Drew DeVault's blog May 19, 2021

Status update, May 2021

Hi! This month, a lot has happened in the Wayland world as usual. The most exciting news is the introduction of the new Pixman renderer in wlroots, allowing more Wayland compositors to be used on setups lacking a proper GPU or GPU driver. The use-cases includ…

via emersion May 18, 2021

Announcing Rustup 1.24.2

The rustup working group is happy to announce the release of rustup version 1.24.2. Rustup is the recommended tool to install Rust, a programming language that is empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software. If you have a previous version …

via Rust Blog May 17, 2021

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