May Status Update

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Welcome back to the status updates! This month has been light on the software engineering side of things. Most of my time has been spent preparing for the big life change that is college, and finalizing things at my school. I graduate next week, and then it’s off to summer camp for seven weeks.

Campmaster Constantine

I’ve re-added Question of the Day suggestions, you can use these after you set the suggest_channel server setting. In a break from the old bot code, QOTD suggestions no longer cost points.

Listing questions with the qotd list command will also now only list questions that have not been asked. This should make it easier to see what’s coming up! You can still access the full list with qotd listall.

That’s really all that happened this month. June and July might not have status updates because all of my time is going to be spent at summer camp teaching archery and radio. Until August, then!

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