New Site Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Hey y’all! You’ve probably noticed quite a few things that are different about this site. First and foremost, the theme. Gone is the harsh black-on-white theme that was hell on the eyes, especially in a projection booth. I’m rather partial to the gruvbox color scheme, so I figured taking the dark theme and applying it to my site as well as my editor would be a good idea.

I’ve also overhauled the backend. This site is now running a server on the backend. The source can be found here.

This has led to some interesting issues. By far the biggest one was footnotes1. I’m using comrak as my markdown parsing library, which correctly implements the CommonMark spec. Footnotes are, unfortunately, not part of that spec, so they’re an extension, along with superscript and a few others. Since footnotes are displayed in superscript, I thought that both extensions had to be enabled. This led to quite a long month of not being able to figure out why my footnotes weren’t being parsed correctly, but as it turns out it was these two extensions fighting.

  1. Hey, you found one! ↩︎

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