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This starts the newest version of my site, this time with a brand new domain! I bought this one because the old one was based on my deadname, and I wanted a domain that I could take with me. As a bonus, .xyz domains are blocked by my university, so I had an additional reason to change.

Now I’m here with a fancy .com domain for at least the next two years. On this blog especially I’m going to be writing about my experiences in the queer tech community, specifically as a software developer and sysadmin.

Articles from my webring

Clippy: Deprecating `feature = "cargo-clippy"`

Since Clippy v0.0.97 and before it was shipped with rustup, Clippy implicitly added a feature = "cargo-clippy" config1 when linting your code with cargo clippy. Back in the day (2016) this was necessary to allow, warn or deny Clippy lints using attrib…

via Rust Blog February 28, 2024

Status update, February 2024

Hi! February is FOSDEM month, and as usual I’ve come to Brussels to meet with a lot of other FOSS developers and exchange ideas. I like to navigate between the buildings and along the hallways to find nice people to discuss with. This edition I’ve been invol…

via emersion February 20, 2024

Why Prusa is floundering, and how you can avoid their fate

Prusa is a 3D printer manufacturer which has a long history of being admired by the 3D printing community for high quality, open source printers. They have been struggling as of late, and came under criticism for making the firmware of their Mk4 printer non-…

via Drew DeVault's blog December 26, 2023

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